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3 Best Multi Cap Funds to Invest in Right Now

Read this write-up to find out about the best performing multi-cap funds that you can choose to invest now.
Multi-cap funds have been the experts’ favorite for several years now. Not just they offer the benefit of accruing exceptional returns, they provide a chance to the investor to invest across the large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap stocks.

Besides, in a time where the maximum of the large-cap schemes failed to deliver higher alphas, multi-cap schemes emerged as the savior. It doesn’t matter whether it is the SEBI’s new norms to be blamed or something else, some of the exceptionally performing multi-cap schemes are the answer to the prayer of investors who were willing to generate better returns by playing a little safe.

Today, in this write-up, we have covered a few of the top performing multi-cap funds that one can prefer investing now. But before uncovering the list of schemes, let’s find out what should be kept in mind before making this move.

Point to Ponder

As the schemes are offering better returns, the risk factor is also increased to a certain limit. Therefore, investors must check their risk appetite with that of the scheme. These schemes are ideal for investors who are ready to stomach moderate risk and willing to invest for a long investment horizon.

Top Performing Multi-cap Schemes to Invest in Now

  1. Kotak Standard Multi-Cap Fund
    This scheme by Kotak Mahindra MF is a powerful conglomeration of growth and stability. Kotak Standard Multicap Fund (G) which was previously known as Kotak Select Focus Fund is a recent entry to the multi-cap funds’ segment. Before making a switch in the category, the fund was the top small-cap fund in India, with average past earnings exceeding 20%. As of today, the fund is recognized as one of the most consistent performers in the segment of multi-cap funds, beating the benchmark and surpassing the results drawn by the peers. Kotak Standard Multicap Fund possesses a fair amount of strength to churn higher returns than large-cap schemes. The past five years have been fantastic for the fund since it yielded about 21.25% returns as on July 11, 2018, beating both its benchmark and the counterparts.
  2. Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Advantage Fund
    With assets under management worth Rs 5948 crores as on June 30, 2018, the scheme from ABSL MF is one of the best performing multi-cap funds. It was launched on February 24, 1995, and since then the fund has proudly delivered an exceptional return of 18.27% on an average. It is a moderately-risky fund which has shown some really good growth over the years and beaten its benchmark in most instances. Also, Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Advantage Fund invests a major part of its assets in the large-cap companies, providing stability to its investors even when the equity market is volatile, and the small caps and mid caps are not performing so well.
  3. SBI Magnum Multi-Cap Fund(G)
    SBI Magnum Multi-Cap Fund(G) is suitable for investors who are not focused on having a sector concentrated portfolio. The major advantage of investing in this scheme is that you get to cherish the growth stories of all size companies spread across the spectrum. Investment in SBI Magnum Multi-Cap Fund increases the chances of getting to invest in the best companies of all market capitalization. This scheme was once counted amongst the lesser-known and underperforming schemes of SBI Mutual Fund. But, with perseverance and consistency, it stood out among its peers and became the most wanted. It invests 50-90 percent in large-cap stocks, 10-40 percent in mid-cap stocks, and up to 10 percent in small-cap stocks. It has delivered whopping returns of 21.01%, 15.05%, and 12.93% in five, seven, and ten years period, respectively.

Last But Not Least

Considering the time now, when the large-cap schemes are underperforming, it can be made out that the multi-cap schemes listed in the blog above can help you earn better returns. They are currently more inclined towards large-cap funds having about 80% of the assets invested in this category. Also, most of them have paid keen attention to the financial sector which is currently on a boom in India.

Henceforth, it’s time to plan to earn high returns via investment in a quality multi-cap fund. For any assistance in this regards, feel free to contact with the experts of MySIPonline. Investing through our online portal is the easiest way of getting started with an investment geared towards achieving high growth at a medium risk exposure. So, don’t waste time! Call our advisor today and plan an investment right away.

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