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7 Top Ranking Funds to Consider

If you are planning to make investment and want to know the top-ranking funds to invest in 2016, this blog is a must read for you.

Making the best choice of investment strategy is crucial for everyone, as it involves money matters. If you are looking for the most efficient plans to invest your hard-earned monies, hereunder we are providing you with the list for the same.

  • DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund (G): This plan is the most prominent strategy which holds 1st rank under the Small & Mid Cap category by CRISIL for the quarter ended June 2016. DSP Mutual Fund has formulated this plan to provide long-term capital appreciation by a well-diversified portfolio. Being an open-ended scheme, it offers growth-oriented returns and thus helps in creating a corpus. The returns offered by this scheme, are much higher when compared with the average returns of its category, and thus it has maintained proficient market possession.
  • Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (G): It is the plan which is designed by the mutual fund house, Franklin Templeton MF. It holds five star rating and hence, 1st position under the Small & Mid Cap category as per CRISIL ranking, for the quarter ended June 2016. Its NAV performance since its inception shows a tremendous record, and thus have helped many investors in creating wealth. The returns generated by this scheme in three years investment tenure are around 46%, which is just double of the average return of its category. It maintains an equity-oriented portfolio with minor diversification into cash/call instruments.
  • Franklin Build India Fund (G): This scheme falls under the Equity Fund - Thematic Infrastructure category and holds 1st rank under the same as per CRISIL rating. It is a growth-oriented plan and thus aims to offer capital appreciation by investing in the stocks of such corporates which are indulged in infrastructure activities. It offers a return of around 39.70% in the case of investments held for a long duration(i.e., three years or more). The assets allotment graph of this plan depicts a well-diversified portfolio assuring high-yields and minimised risk. Furthermore, its NAV performance since its beginning is the proof of its proficiency and market possession.
  • L&T Value Fund (G): It is a product of a well-known mutual fund house, the L&T Mutual Fund. It is an open-ended scheme which offers flexibility along with high-yielding returns. Its performance as per the annualised return graph is appreciable as it provides yields higher than other schemes of its class. Furthermore, it also holds 1st rank under Diversified Equity category by CRISIL for the quarter ended June 2016. Its NAV has an appreciable record of generating the worth of investment values. By providing diversification, it makes sure minimization of risk factors and thus offer stable returns.
  • Axis Long Term Equity Fund (G): This scheme falls under the ELSS category and hence provides the dual benefits of ‘wealth creation’ and ‘tax savings’. It holds 2nd position under ELSS Fund category by CRISIL for the quarter ended June 2016. The profits generated by this plan are higher in the case of long-term investment tenure, and thus is beneficial for those investors who have long-term investment goals. The funds of this scheme are majorly invested in equities to assure capital appreciation.
  • UTI MNC Fund (G): This scheme intends to provide capital appreciation by investing in the stocks of ‘Multinational Companies’ and various other liquid securities. It is a product of UTI Mutual Fund house which is among the oldest funds houses in India. It is ranked 1st under the Diversified Equity category by CRISIL, which shows its market-held position. It provides higher returns in long-term and hence assures the creation of wealth for the future. The major funds are allocated into equity-related instruments and hence it provides capital appreciation.
  • SBI Magnum Multicap Fund (G): It is a plan from the most renowned SBI Mutual Fund house, which aims to provide growth to the capital by investing in the equity and equity-related instruments. Furthermore, it also offers wide diversification by investing a certain amount in debt and money market securities. Its NAV performance depicts the value generation by this scheme which is undoubtedly appreciable. It is best suited in the case of long-term investments as it offers higher returns in a long duration. It is ranked 1st under the Diversified Equity category by CRISIL and holds five star rating.

These schemes are selected by our financial experts by considering their most recent performances and CRISIL rating. And hence, would be proved fruitful for your portfolio for sure.

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