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Best Small Cap Funds - 2016

If you are looking for the best mutual fund scheme to include in your portfolio for making the best investment in 2016, then this blog is a must read for you.
There is a saying that goes, “The best things come in small packages.” In the case of mutual fund investment as well, the small-cap funds have proved this well. Let us know here, which are the best schemes of 2016 under the small-cap funds that can make you rich!

Everyone knows that to achieve the set targets, one needs to opt for the most prominent sources. As sources are the real guide that help one to fulfil the desires. When it comes to making investments in the mutual funds, one must opt for such schemes which are the best ones and capacitate the ability to fulfil your financial goals. Here is the list of the top-performing small-cap funds that would definitely make you reach your desired level of financial growth after a certain period of time:

  1. DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund- Regular Plan (G): This plan is ranked first under the ‘Small & Mid Cap’ category by CRISIL for the quarter ended June 2016. It is an open-ended scheme which offers growth-oriented investment strategy to the investor. It has been performing immensely in the investment market since its inception. The yields generated by this plan as against its benchmark(S&P BSE SMALLCAP) are higher. It aims to provide long-term capital appreciation to the investors by investing the funds in the equity and equity-related securities of small-cap companies.
  2. Reliance Small Cap Fund (G): The primary objective of this plan is to provide capital appreciation along with consistent returns. It has a well-diversified portfolio which has investments in both equity- and debt-related securities. It is ranked second under the ‘Small & Mid Cap’ category by CRISIL for quarter ended in June 2016. The returns generated by this scheme in the case of three years and five years investments plans are around 49.90% and 26.60% respectively. Furthermore, it has also reached the level of performance as set by the benchmark and hence are proficient enough in yielding the desired returns.
  3. Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund (G): This plan as designed by one of the prominent fund houses the Canara Robeco Mutual Fund, aims to provide capital growth by investing in the diversified mid-cap stocks. It is a growth-oriented scheme and thus offering high yields to its investors in the long run. Its performance is well proved by the second rank that it holds under the ‘Small & Mid Cap’ category by CRISIL. Furthermore, it has a well-diversified portfolio as well which is aimed at providing better returns and minimised risks.
  4. Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (G): It is an open-ended diversified equity scheme, which aims at generating wealth by investing predominantly in the mid- and small-cap companies. It holds first rank under ‘Small & Mid Cap’ funds as per CRISIL rating for the first quarter of 2016 ended in June. It has provided diversification in the funds as well by investing some of the monies into debt and money market instruments to provide consistency in returns. It has been performing proficiently in the market, and the returns generated by this plan are higher than the set benchmark, i.e., NIFTY MIDCAP 100.
  5. Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme Regular Plan (G): The investment objective of this scheme is to appreciate the value of capital invested by putting the funds into equity and equity-related securities. It is ranked second under the ‘Small & Mid Cap’ category by CRISIL for the quarter ended in June 2016. Its returns generated in the past years are comparatively higher which shows its proficiency of generating high yields in the future as well. It has maintained a well-diversified portfolio which assures minimised risks and financial growth of the investors in the long run.

So, if you desire to create wealth in the future and want to make a fortune for yourself, then you must add any of the best small funds to your portfolio.

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