May 24, 2019 2 min read

BJP Gets a Massive Win. What to Expect from the Mutual Fund Market Now?

Read to know about the performance of equity market after BJP’s Win.

BJP led NDA government has yet again proved that with the proper strategies and a strong will to work in benefit of the people can take you to the never seen before heights. As the NDA government has grabbed an enormous victory, one word that is being chanted by every Indian right now is Narendra Modi. His working style, the strong resolve to work for people and the deep understanding of the emotions of people have helped in getting such a huge mandate. Now, before we move further let’s take a quick look at the breakup of how many seats different parties have secured.

 Election 2019 Report
(Source: NDTV)

So, here you can see that the NDA has secured 351 seats across India, which is 79 more than what was required to make a majority government. The results are even better than that seen in the year 2014, where NDA formed a government with a total of 336 seats. The major highlights of the current elections were the seats such as Bhopal, Amethi, etc, where BJP has marked fresh wins. In the states such as Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh where the party faced a huge loss in the recent Assembly elections, a majority win has been seen.

After seeing such a spectacular performance, the equity market also celebrated in the earlier sessions yesterday, where the market indices marked fresh all-time highs. Where NIFTY crossed the 12,000 mark, SENSEX also moved above 40,000, showing how positive the market is towards the return of NDA. Looking at the performance, experts are expecting the market to grow further in the coming few months.

Now, the direct effect of this will be seen in your mutual funds. The major focus in the next 5 years will be on the Financial & Infrastructure sector. Other sectors will also mark good growth as the economist are expecting the GDP to show a further upside. To make sure that our investors will get the best benefit from this opportunity, we will be shortly bringing the 5 best mutual funds which you can invest in to enjoy a great growth in the coming years. So, stay tuned, we will be right back.

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