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Find Out the Best Trending Funds for a Sound Portfolio

Making the best choice in the case of mutual fund investment is crucial. If you desire to put your hard-earned money into the most prominent scheme, then you are at the right place. Here we have listed out the top-performing funds which can help you attain your financial goals.
There is a saying that goes, “Both cheap value stocks and more glamorous growth stocks can work well in a portfolio- if done right.” Hence, it is crucial to design a portfolio by taking expert’s advice and opt for the best alternative. All the investment plans are not suitable for everyone; that’s why one needs to choose the strategy which could fulfil one’s requirements and the set objectives. For attaining efficiency and effectiveness in an investment it is substantial to make the apt choice.

If you too are looking for a mentor who can help you out in formulating a worthwhile portfolio, then you are at the right place. Here we are listing out the top-five most efficient mutual fund programmes that would help you attain your desired investment goals.

  1. ICICI Value Discovery Fund (G): This is a programme designed by one of the most prominent AMCs, ICICI Mutual Fund. It falls under the diversified equity class and hence invests in the schemes of other mutual fund programmes. It is ranked first in its category by CRISIL for the first quarter of 2016 ended in June. It is aimed at providing capital growth to the investors by investing through a diversified portfolio. It is beneficial for the investors seeking long-term capital appreciation as it offers high-yielding returns in the long run.
  2. Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (G): It is an open-ended small & midcap scheme, which aims to generate the worth of investments by investing in such corporates which have small or medium market capitalisation. It is best suited to fetch long-term investment goals as it offers the highest percentage of returns in the case of investment held for more than three years. It has a well-diversified portfolio to minimise the associated risks and offer high yields. This is the reason that it is ranked first in the ‘Small & Midcap’ category by CRISIL.
  3. Kotak Select Focus Fund (G): This scheme is designed by a renowned AMC in India, Kotak Mutual Fund. It falls under the large-cap fund category and holds the first rank as per CRISIL rating. It aims to cater the desired long-term requirements of the investors by investing in the equity and equity-related securities of companies from some particular sectors. It offers high profits in the long run investment tenure and hence fulfils the long-term investment goals. Its performance evaluated against the set benchmark is appreciable due to the high growth potential and maximum yields.
  4. DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund (G): It is a product from DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund, which aims to generate wealth for the investors. It invests the funds in equities and money market instruments to provide diversification. It has generated returns around 53.90% in the case of three years investment tenure. Furthermore, it is ranked first in the small & midcap category by CRISIL which proves its market proficiency. The diversification of the funds into different sectors and industries under this scheme assures minimised risk which provides security to the money. It is among the top-ranking funds which must be considered while going for making an investment.
  5. Reliance Small Cap Fund (G): It is an open-ended equity plan which falls under the small and mid-cap category. It aims to create a corpus for the investors by making investments in the small and midcap corporates. It has generated returns around 48% in case of long-term investments (three years or more). As it is a product from a renowned brand, it is among the preferable schemes in India for long-term investments. It is also ranked second in its category by CRISIL which shows its market possession.

Accordingly, an investor must consider these schemes to add worth to his/her portfolio. Our financial experts have listed out these plans after market analysis and considering the CRISIL rating. Hence, they would definitely help you out in achieving your financial goals in the future.

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