Jan 01, 1970 2 min read

Go Good in SIP with Pokemon Go

We are very well aware of the latest game ‘Pokemon Go.’ And almost everyone is addicted to the same. So, if you want to know how the Pokemon can help us to reach our investment goals, then this blog is a must read.

What do you do whenever you feel confused about taking an investment decision? You might visit some of the consultants or brokers. But, how wonderful it would be if your mobile game app helps you to decide an investment? Yes! The new ‘Pokemon Go’ can help you out in an exciting way to come up with the best SIP investment decision.

Nowadays, everyone has become so much addicted to the Pokemon game series, that they do not leave their phones and keep playing at their houses, street roads, workplaces and even in the bathrooms without caring about other things. You must be curious to know what it does? Let me try and explain, in the 1990’s; there used to telecast a TV show named ‘Pokemon’, in which the trainer had to defeat the other trainers, to conquer the new Pokemon. Now, the same concept is built into a game, in which players act as the trainer and they have to reach the new Pokemon by tracing its location using the GPS.

Everyone has some goals in life and to achieve the same, we require effective efforts and plans. And, when it comes to attaining the investments goals, it becomes more challenging because it requires due care. Thus, to cope with this issue, I have come up with certain things about the Pokemon Go that may help us to reach the best investment plan. But how? Here are certain points that will make you understand the reasons:

1. To meet the desired goal of conquering the Pokemon, one needs to have strategic thinking abilities and strong mathematical skills to solve the tricky situations. The SIP is also designed with such expertise that provides the best way of reaching one’s investment goals.

2. The Pokemon Go mobile game is raised or commanded by its owners(trainers), the same happens in the case of SIP, the investor is free to move their SIP investment in the manner they want by selecting the schemes of their choice.

3. By fighting against each other, the Pokemon reach a point where they evolve into stronger Pokemon. Similarly, SIP has the power to fight against the inflation which makes sure that the desired goals shall be achieved with accuracy.

4. The Pokemon Go avoids the explicit violence and in the whole game, the Pokemon never dies. Similarly, the SIP investment strategy assures that your investment will never fail, it will let you reach the set goals.

5. In the game, we need to wait a lot for the Pokemon to pop-up which builds the habit of being patient. Similarly, in the case of SIP, the investor is required to wait till the maturity of the schemes and at the end reaches the goals of investing.

6. Location is not a barrier for playing Pokemon Go, we can play it anywhere and anytime. Similarly, making investments in the SIP is feasible for the investors due to the availability of online SIP which offers the facility of buying mutual funds at the place of convenience.

We put so many efforts and use many tricks to win the game, the same strategic abilities are required to take the right investment decision. Plan your investment and reach the desired goals with SIP. It possesses all the qualities of your favourite Pokemon Go and hence, it will definitely lead you further.

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