Mar 08, 2019 4 min read

Happy Women’s Day 2019! Now Play Every Role Being Financially Independent

On this women’s day, gift yourself the financial freedom that you’ve been longing for. Whether you are in college or are a working woman, MySIPonline has something to offer to all.

There’s no greater warrior in the world than a woman.
                                                                                     -- Anonymous

In every corner of the world, slogans hailing “Women Equality” are being waved. International movements such as the Me Too movement have brought many issues regarding the status of women in the society to the limelight. Through the blessings of technological advancements and the far-fetched reach of the internet, women have got a boost in their work opportunities. Today, a woman stands tall in front of the ancient barriers that once shackled her, banishing her freedom and forcing her to live a life of a recluse which was limited to run the back stage activities of her home.

On this auspicious occasion of the International Women’s Day we celebrate the spirit of independent women, by presenting a short memo on how they can become more confident and independent regarding their financial condition. We understand the different roles that a woman plays in her life, and the following tips are just a small tribute, a small payback to their mighty contribution to sustaining and flourishing human life on earth.

For the Teenage Fighters

If you are a teenage girl, you understand the meaning of financial freedom. But the fact is your tiny coin bank isn’t going to get you very far. What you should do is relieve that coin bank of its duty and let it go on a very long vacation. Instead, place your savings in the best mutual fund schemes that suit your profile. Don’t know anything about it? Don’t worry! Just call MySIPonline and get your queries answered right away.

For the Responsible, Newly Wed Girls

Marriage is a game changer in a girl’s life. New responsibilities come like a gust of wind, which sometimes becomes too much for a single person to handle. So, if you recently had a shift in your marital status, it is high time to think about your personal financial goals. If you are a working lady, good! If you aren’t, doesn’t matter. Mutual fund investments have never been more affordable, where top performing schemes can be subscribed for as low as ₹500 a month.

For the Delicate Miss who’s about to Give Birth to a New Life

Carrying a child in her womb is just one of the impossible tasks that a woman has to deal with. And, it doesn’t end here. Doctors have stated that the labour pain experienced by a woman during childbirth is even worse than a broken bone, and can sometimes put her to life threatening situations. For such aggressive fighters who are even ready to put their life on stake to bring a new life in the world, the aggressive equity funds such as small caps would be the perfect match. These funds will help in fetching high returns and appreciate wealth building, just like a mother nurtures her baby.

For the Busy Working Woman who doesn’t have Time

Indira Nooyi, former CEO at PepsiCo stated in her speech, “A working woman can’t have it all. She either has to live for her family giving up on her dreams to make it big, or she has to sacrifice her family goals in order to be successful at her job. She can’t simply have both”. Though it might be a real challenge for a working woman to be there for her family in person, she can still play her role of a protective mother, a concerned wife and a caring daughter-in-law by not being there physically. All that is required is contacting MySIPonline’s support desk, describing the goals and the time within which they should be accomplished, and we’ll suggest the top investment plans based on this trivial information.

It is impossible to imagine the pressure that a woman undergoes in her daily life. Be it a teenager, a newly-wed bride, a mother or a businesswoman, there are many roles in which she moulds herself to perfection. MySIPonline salutes all those women who had the courage to break the societal manacles, and added meaning to their lives together with inspiring millions of others. We take pride in addressing ourselves as one of the finest online investment portals, and are happy to announce that we have some special recommendations for these superwomen. So, why wait? Call MySIPonline today and find out what do we have for you in our court.

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