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Hot Market is Trending! Top Funds for Beginners

If you are looking for the best investment plans in the current hot market for making your first-time investments, then you are at the right place. Find the top funds here!
The financial year 2017-18 begun with the market being all-time-high which is a good sign for the coming growth in the mutual fund industry this year. On 3rd April 2017, which was the first trading day of this new financial year, Sensex and Nifty reached their all-time high and closed at somewhere around 29,910 and 9,200 points respectively. This brought a huge growth in the overall earnings of the investors and apart from that the economy is now further expected to expand very soon. So what should you do now? Investing is the best thing to do.

The market is outshining, and it is expected that the growth is somewhere certain in the coming years. By investing your money now, you can be a part of the growing economy and earn tremendous wealth in just a few years. Among the various mutual funds in India, some of the best performing mutual funds are expected to provide high-yielding returns in the coming future. Here is the list of the top-four funds for the first-time investors in the hot market for better investments.

  1. Birla Frontline Equity Fund
  2. Kotak Select Focus Fund
  3. HDFC Top 200
  4. ICICI Value Discovery Fund

These funds fall in the large-cap and diversified fund’s category which are the safest mutual fund categories for the beginners. These funds are designed by the expert fund managers of the top AMCs in India and have strong risk management base. The performance of these funds remain stable due to diversified and highly weighted portfolios.

The majority of the funds of these schemes are being invested in the large and giant companies which are already well-established and tend to generate stable growth and consistent returns. For the beginners these funds are considered the best due to low risk involvement and stable income opportunities. The fund managers of these schemes are well-experienced in their domain and as these funds are among the oldest ones in the industry, investors can be assured about their performances.

The first-time investors who are looking for the best investment opportunities in the market must make an investment in these plans. These funds are analysed by our experts as per their market performance, and they believe that they will surely add worth to one’s portfolio with the upcoming growth opportunities in the market.

MySIPonline provides the best recommendations for making a worthy investment in the market. Our fund analysts have the expertise to provide goal-based and customised investment solutions as well to help you achieve your financial goals. You must avail our free advisory services for fulfilling your investment needs.

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