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IDFC Tax Advantage (ELSS) Fund (G) 10.17% 16.02% Invest
IDFC Large Cap Fund (G) 9.85% 13.01% Invest
IDFC Asset Allocation Fund of Funds- Moderate Plan (G) 3.12% 3.96% Invest
IDFC Low Duration Fund (G) 7.7% 8.2% Invest
IDFC Equity Savings Fund (G) 5.06% 5.41% Invest
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Oct 08, 2018 4 min read

IDFC Mutual Funds Now Available for Investment at MySIPonline

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What Is IDFC All About?

Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd. was set up in the year 1997 by the Government of India. It is basically a financial institution which provides a huge range of services and financing products with main focus on the infrastructure sector. Under one of the key businesses named Advisory Services and Asset Management comes IDFC AMC. IDFC Asset Management Company Ltd., with the experience of over 18 years, has continuously synchronized with the changes that came its way from time to time. With its unique schemes under different categories, it has already won the trust of thousands of investors. This AMC, with a network connecting well its investors, is one of the largest MF houses in terms of AUM in India. It is this company which has been successfully managing the funds of IDFC Mutual Fund.

What Are the Major Categories of IDFC MF?

Keeping in mind the needs of the investors, this MF has launched a number of schemes under three broad categories, including:

  1. Equity Funds- These funds are for investors who wish to park their money for a long-term. The returns under these schemes are higher with the risk involved being moderate to high. IDFC Tax Advantage Fund and IDFC Multicap Fund are some of the schemes that it has launched under this category.
  2. Hybrid Funds- These funds are a mixture of equity and fixed income securities which help an investor earn capital growth along with income. They usually yield steady returns with adjusted risk. IDFC Asset Allocation Fund of Funds is a scheme that has been launched under this with three different plans, namely Aggressive, Moderate, and Conservative.
  3. Debt Funds- These funds are also known as income funds as they normally provide stable returns to the investors with minimized risk. Majority of the assets under this category are invested in Commercial Papers, Certificates of Deposits, Government Securities, Debentures, and Bonds.

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Benefits of Investing with IDFC Mutual Fund Via MySIPonline

There are always some benefits that lie behind doing a particular job. Investing through this platform has its own. Some of them are:

  • Time Saving- Investing through this digital platform will help you in saving your precious time as it has the most simplified procedure you will ever come across.
  • Cost Saving- Investing online with us doesn’t require any paperwork nor you need to travel to an agent’s office time and again, thus it is highly cost effective. All you need to do is invest from the comfort of your very own place.
  • Expert Advice- No matter where you are, feel free to consult the experts regarding any investment-related problem you have at any time, without incurring any additional charges.
  • Calculators- To make your life easy, you have a range of awesome tools and calculators such as Retirement Calculator, Tax Calculator, SIP Calculator, etc. With the help of these awesome gadgets, you can do the toughest of calculations within seconds.
  • News & Blogs- To help you remain updated, we have a special news and blogs section, where you can read about all the current happenings of the investment market and mutual fund facts.
  • Comparison Tool- We want only best for you and that is how comparison tool was born. All you need to do is enter the name of schemes that you wish to compare and there you will get a list of well-researched points.
  • Authenticity- The services provided here are absolutely pure and without any bias. We believe that our customer comes first and therefore, you may use this platform without having any second thought.

So what are you waiting for? Start investing in the IDFC Mutual Funds via this awesome platform. Happy Investing! To discuss any of your query concerning regular mutual funds, fill in the form given below.

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