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Invest in Mutual Funds & Share a Gift of Christmas That Keeps on Giving!

This Christmas, invest in the best mutual fund scheme that helps you in accomplishing your financial objective.
The celebratory aura, the carols, and the joy that emanates from the people is what all sums up this auspicious time of the year. Christmas is known to be a time when the famous phrase “the gift that keeps on giving” becomes a part of almost every other commercial.

One might consider it to be a ‘snappy line’ that has been used to sell gifts for years, but it’s not the same here! We’re not just saying it, and you too will believe in the same after going through this write-up.

The experts at MySIPonline aspire you to give a gift that offers enjoyment over and over, such as an investment in mutual funds that ensures financial stability in the long run. Something that encourages the recipients to enjoy the present and share the same with their future ones.

We have taken the initiative to make this Christmas a time-to-remember for our clientele. And, with the same motto, we have shared the best performing fund to help you fulfill different life objectives. So without further ado, let’s learn more about the same!

  1. A Gift to Achieve Long-Term Financial Fitness 
    When going through the definition of the term fitness, you will probably read a line which goes on as “something that helps you to live the life to its fullest.” The same applies to the financial fitness, which is the need of every individual out there. So, the question arises how one can attain financial fitness? The solution of MySIPonline will make all your doubts disappear.
    This Christmas, invest in Reliance Small Cap Fund (G) which helps in making you financially sound and building an investment portfolio that caters to your long-term goals.
    The benefits of investing in this top-performing small-cap mutual fund scheme are high growth prospects, the potential for larger investments, investment in the most promising companies, and so forth. If you’re willing to generate excellent risk-adjusted returns with a prime focus on smaller capitalization companies, then invest in this fantastic scheme of Reliance mutual funds.
  2. A Gift That Offers Family Financial Security 
    This Christmas, invest in making a financial shield for your family. Park your money in Aditya Birla Sun Life 95 Fund (G) whose mission lies in achieving long-term capital appreciation along with current income from a balanced portfolio with a specific portion of its corpus in equity, debt instruments, and money market securities. This scheme of ABSL has NAV of Rs. 759.86 as on December 15, 2017, and assets size amounting to Rs. 12, 827 crore as on November 30, 2017. It disburses most of its capital in the industrial sectors including Banking and Finance, Technology, Automotive, and Tobacco.
  3. A Significant Gift of Tax Saving 
    When planning an investment, we get a plethora of options to choose from. Regardless of the mutual fund one decides to invest in, each one has its list of pros and cons. Depending upon your investment objective, different schemes are recommended. If your motive is to minimize the tax burden on the returns from investments, then you can never go wrong with Axis Long Term Equity Fund. It is an ELSS funds where major allocations of the investors’ wealth are made in equity funds.
    Besides, here, at MySIPonline, you can make use of our tax calculator in order to manage tax liability and reduce the same. It considers all your personalized aspects such as income and deductions, and then generates an accurate tax liability. It also shows the amount that you can invest through SIP or lumpsum in order to attain maximum tax exemption of up to Rs. 1,50,000 under sec 80C in a financial year.
  4. A Gift That will Sponsor Your Next Exotic Vacation 
    Do you have any major plans this Christmas? If you just nodded in affirmation, then it’s a great thing. But, if you are in the list of the major ones who will sleep the entire weekend or are just planning to take the family out for dinner or a movie, then don’t get disheartened as we have some major vacation plans for you. This season, simply invest in L&T Short Term Income Fund, and who knows you may find yourself enjoying at your favorite holiday destination the very next year. Well yes, it is possible! L&T Short Term Income Fund can make the dream of your next big travel adventure come true.
  5. A Timeless Gift of a Happy Retirement 
    Nothing as exciting as a happy retirement; after all, who doesn’t want to be financially developed when they retire. It’s the time which is both exciting yet daunting- as not all can handle the pressure of freedom getting tainted with dreaded aging. However, if you keep yourself financially strong, then retirement is just about quitting the full-time job and living the life of leisure.
    Keeping the same objective in mind, the experts at MySIPonline recommended Reliance Retirement Fund Wealth Creation Scheme (G). Its main aim is to provide capital appreciation and consistent income to its clientele which will be in-line with their retirement goals. This is done by investing the corpus in the mix of securities comprising of equity, equity-related instruments, and fixed income securities.

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The countdown to Christmas and New Year brings an onslaught of resolutions. Many of us will make resolutions to be healthy, self developed, or a better person. Along with these soft resolutions, the time demands you to make some tough ones. This year, promise yourself to invest in something more giving. Choose an investment goal you wish to carry out and invest in the scheme which can assist you in attaining it.

For better support and guidance, choose us as your investment partner. We are always there at your service disposal.

The team at MySIPonline wishes you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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