Jan 01, 1970 2 min read

Is It Good to Use the Same Fund For Different Goals?

One often gets confused while selecting the funds for one’s investment goals. Read this blog to know which fund is best for your financial objectives.
We are familiar with the saying that goes, “Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goal.” The goals of life play a crucial role in building our standard and raising us into a better human being. We need to make a stable strategy to achieve them and experience the success that we desire for. Among the several goals, financial goals are the most important ones as they aim to flourish and stabilise our life to fullest. Here we provide you with the way by which you can achieve your goals easily.

The ultimate objective of everyone’s life is to become financially stable and enjoy all the luxurious amenities in life. Not all of us are born with a silver spoon; we need to plan accordingly to achieve the set targets. We need to take the present financial status and future expectations in mind before designing the plan. But to be sure, we must opt for the investment strategy which could ensure our financial growth in the future. And mutual funds is the best alternative in this context.

Whatever be our goal related to wealth building, child’s future, retirement, etc., a mutual fund investment can fulfil all of them. The nature of investing accumulated funds into diversified investment strategies, mutual funds provide the best way to build a huge corpus in order to accomplish the desires. By providing a systematic approach to investing via SIP, it enables every investor to opt for the perfect way to savings and investments in an easy way.

Now the question arises that is it worthy to make an investment in a single fund to achieve all goals? We always make different plans for divergent goals. It is quite obvious that a short-term financial goal cannot be achieved by investing in the equity stocks as they offer good returns in the long run. Hence, it is of due importance that we consider various mutual funds and analyse them to opt for the best one in order to achieve our set targets.

The variety of asset classes which have been classified as equity, debt and hybrid funds are designed to help investors choose the best-suited scheme for themselves. Where equity provides long-term capital growth to achieve the future financial needs such as retirement benefits, own house, luxury car; the debt funds aim to help investors in attaining financial stability with regularity in income. The hybrid or balanced funds are designed to provide the dual benefits of income stability with capital growth. Accordingly, the investors have a wide variety to choose a plan that suits their requirement the most. One need not make adjustments with different plans but can go with a goal-oriented strategy to achieve their targets.

Investments help every individual to convert their dreams into reality. You too must be having some dreams which you desire to achieve. So start planning now and opt for the adequate mutual fund as per your investment goal. MySIPonline has always been ready to help you making your future secure. You must take the best advice from our advisors in order to invest in the right fund as per your objective.

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