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Know what your sun sign have to say about your investments-Part III

Know how your Zodiac affects your life and investment decisions. If you learn to tame your weaknesses and let the strengths in your favor then your money will grow prolifically.

This is the third blog in the interesting series of how your zodiac can affect your investing decision and how you can make the best possible use of your money if you are able to tame the favorable and unfavorable points. It means that the clients will have to make the best possible use of their money through a proper channel and create wealth for themselves easily. Let us look for the next three zodiacs and their investment patterns.

Libra ( September 21- October 20)

As for this Zodiac sign, the Libras have very balanced characteristics. This sign bearers have an equilibrium condition between various physical as well as behavioral changes which makes them a perfect blend of beauty and brains. They are never biased and have compassionate behavior towards everyone. People with Libra zodiac at the same time love all the luxurious things and so they tend to spend their savings in acquiring them. Even though they have a tendency to save but their indecisiveness makes it difficult for them to judge things. They are very ambitious which makes them crave for success but the confusion often leads them to incorrect paths.

Investment tips
Due to their indecision, the Libras tend to fall back in taking the correct decision at the precise time. These clients have the power to hold onto to things for a long time without disclosing them. Thus, they should invest in long-term equity schemes which will restrict them from spending their savings and make them able to create a huge corpus over the period of time. They can choose the best schemes based on their instincts and put a break on their cravings for over spending. They can pick the balanced funds as it provides just the appropriate mixture of equity and debt instruments which suits their nature as well.

Scorpio ( October 21- November 20)

The Scorpios are determined and also possess very good leadership skills. Owing to their secretive nature they can save their money and build up wealth easily. They have a very strong intuition power and they observe even the minute details about the person or environment they are surrounded by. They may seem to be calm on the surface hiding the biggest of turmoils no one could ever judge. It means they are very good at concealing things. These people do not trust anyone easily and try to believe on their gut feeling to make any single decision. They have skills to manipulate people easily and can make the best out of their investment strategy. They are more inclined towards investing their money and creating savings for their future as well. They exactly know where to spend and how much to save.

Investment tips
As these clients have a very balanced investment and spending strategy they are most likely to save their money within their resources. They are keen observers and also depend on their instincts to take decisions regarding their investment needs. However, they can use their skills and traits up to an optimal level by investing in the diversified equity and liquid funds as well.

Sagittarius (November 21- December 20)

This zodiac sign bearers are a happy-go-lucky type of people. They try to find out the positive side in every worse situation. This ability gives them the power of crossing each and every hurdle and making the best possible use of their ability and skills. These people have the habit of exploring and finding out things on their own. They tend to save money for the odd hours. However, they can be overspending at times. They are very aware and will never burn their hands. A Sagittarius is the highly knowledgeable person and tend to update their memory as and when they get a chance.

Investing tips
A Sagittarius client must utilize their knowledge to the best possible level. They can make the use of bounce back nature and rise in negative scenarios as well. They should be careful of their overspending drive and invest before it takes a toll on them eating up all their savings. They should invest in debt funds owing to their happy-go-lucky nature and at times they can include liquid funds as well in their portfolio.

Identify your sign and make the best possible use of your money by investing it in mutual funds.

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