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Learn the Investment Lessons to Retire Like MS Dhoni

If you want to retire from your responsibilities at an early age without compromising your living standards then this blog is a must read for you.
One of the greatest captains in the Indian Cricket History, M.S. Dhoni, has stepped down from the captaincy of the Indian Cricket Team. Being the skipper of the team he has performed immensely by winning great achievements including the ICC World Cup in 2011 against Sri Lanka. Apart from writing success stories in the match field, M.S. Dhoni has earned resounding image among the public and has been successful in his career.

At the age of 35, he resigned from the captaincy, which is outrageous and has made everyone to think deeply. Being successful in every domain, Dhoni has earned a huge wealth, reputation and is now resigning from his responsibilities while maintaining his living standards. Have you ever wondered you too can retire like this legend? Yes, you heard it right! You too can achieve your financial goals and retire at an early age just like M.S. Dhoni. Here are the key lessons which every investor must learn from Ex-Captain of Indian Cricket Team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

  1. Be Patient :- Winning & losing is the part of life and Dhoni has believed in the same always. He just focussed on maintaining higher match-winning ratio as compared to the matches lost. Similarly, in the case of investments, one should remember that if you lose money on your funds, it doesn’t mean you should switch immediately. Rather, your focus should remain on the funds which are performing better in the portfolio. The portfolio has different programmes some are good while some are bad, but it must not lead to losing hopes. Just like the times when Virat did not play well, even though he is considered to be one of the best players in the team. This never let Dhoni never felt bad for the same, rather he always focussed on improving his captaincy to improvise the team efforts. Thus, the first lesson is to be patient and stay focussed in investing.
  2. Have Faith on Your Investment :- Dhoni always believed in the performance of the team. In the same way, investors must keep faith on their selected funds. Nothing is certain in this world and so is the case with the funds’ performance. It is not necessary that if a scheme is not performing well today, it will not be good in the future. Thus, rather than being worried, you must regularly evaluate your investments, diversify the funds to gain superior benefits. You must take regular advice from your advisors to act as per the requirement.
  3. Start Early :- M.S. Dhoni, retiring from captaincy at the age of 35 only has given everyone a hook to the word ‘retirement’. Even if we are bored of our job responsibilities and want to get rid of them, we cannot leave it because we do not have the required wealth to sustain further. But you too can retire early without compromising your living standards in the future! Yes, this is indeed possible. You just need to plan for your retirement earlier. Retirement mutual funds are empowered to create a huge wealth over a certain period for the investors to help them retire like the legendary cricketer, M.S. Dhoni. With the power of compounding, they accumulate a huge corpus which is utilised by the investors post retirement. The sooner you start investing in retirement funds, the earlier you get the chance to retire from your responsibilities, without compromising on your living standards.
  4. Be Practical & Simple While Selecting Funds :- Complications often lead to failures, and this is the reason M.S. Dhoni never got indulged in any controversy and followed a simple though systematic approach to play perfectly. This has lead him to win record-breaking matches in his career. Moreover, while selecting the team for playing matches, he followed a practical and unbiased approach, which lead him to make victories. The same phenomenon applies to investments as well. Never be biased on selecting funds by following your likings. Investing in funds of Tata Mutual Fund or some other AMC just because you like the company will never let you achieve success in your investments. You must evaluate the schemes as per your investment goals and then select the funds which suit your needs.

Investments are made for lifetime and to achieve the financial goals. They must be made with confidence. The way M.S. Dhoni has retired at an early age, you too can do so by making an efficient retirement plan with mutual fund investments.

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