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Mutual Fund’s AUM Crossed Rs 19 lakh Crore in April 2017!

The market is showing positive vibes for the upcoming investment opportunities and fortune. Know about the growing of mutual fund industry and what you should do to attain your financial goals.
Do you wish to multiply your money into wealth with the growing mutual fund industry? If yes, then you are at the right place. With an all-time high rise of AUM to Rs.19.26 lakh crore in the month of April, the mutual fund industry has brought a revolution in the field of investments.

While savings and investments are the core elements of economic growth, mutual funds have combined them to make our country stronger. Let’s know some facts about this.

As per the reports of the Association of Mutual Funds in India, mutual funds beat the records with a gross sale crossing Rs.19 lakh crore by selling different products of equity, debt, and hybrid mutual funds in India. The industry’s AUM crossed Rs.10 lakh crore in the month of May 2014, and it will cross the Rs.20 Lakh crore threshold this year. The growth in the SIPs and rise in the asset base of income and equity categories have helped in rising the assets under management.

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The Indian investors have now subsumed the benefits of online mutual funds investment, and the credit goes to the efforts made by SEBI and AMFI in promoting the same. With the flexibility of SIP and STP, the investors are being benefited in finding mutual fund more convenient and favourable to invest the hard-earned money. The liquid funds have also assisted in the infusion of more cash in the industry, and thus all the diverse categories of the industry have contributed to the growth.

What to Expect Now?

The financial year 2017-18 has an excellent start, the market showcased the all-time high on the very first day of the FY18, and now the mutual fund industry has reached a high level of AUM. This demonstrates that the investment market in India is at its peak now and have tremendous opportunities. Where the stock market indices are showing new trends and growth potential, the mutual fund industry is growing at a fast speed. Accordingly, the investors who are planning to park their money to create wealth in the growing sectors or industries must not wait for the right moment. It is certain that the industry has tremendous opportunities and various plans to help the investors in making them wealthy, what you need to do is invest now.

When an organisation or an industry grows, it takes with it every associated person. Similarly, by investing your money in mutual funds and getting associated with the investment market, you can assure your financial growth, and earn huge wealth in the forthcoming years. So don’t miss this opportunity, rather start planning your future goals with mutual funds.

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