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MySIPonline App: Experience the Ease of Investing on Your Mobile

Get an insight of all new “MySIPonline App” by reading this blog. The App has all the features which would help you make a worthwhile investment in just a few steps at your fingertips.
Are you still searching for the brokers’ houses for making investments in mutual funds? Haven’t you tried the online mode yet? If not, then you are seriously missing out on something amazing.

MySIPonline has been trying to resolve the issues related to mutual fund investments and has been indulged in simplifying the investment journey of the investors across the country. With several online solutions and experts’ assistance, it has helped various investors in achieving a growth-oriented investment and thus helped them attain the financial goals.

As a result of the growing mutual fund industry and customer’s attention towards online solutions; we have designed the “MySIPonline Mobile App”. It has inbuilt features that would help one in managing one’s entire investment with ease and convenience at one’s fingertips. With the variant features all across, it is simplifying the process of investment by offering different solutions, that include:

  • Dashboard: It would help one in fetching the summarised view of the investment. One can easily look out the value that has been generated until now and the returns earned on the invested amount.
  • Transact Now: This provides a single place for handling all the major transactions related to investment. One can invest, switch or redeem the funds by using a single platform in just a few clicks.
  • SIP Calculator: This tool helps in calculating returns on one’s SIP investment. One can easily fill in the required fields and generate the accurate returns that shall be earned by him/her after a certain period of time.
  • Recommended Funds: Here the user shall be able to get the best recommendations for making online investments in the mutual funds. There are several schemes of different classes which are believed to be the best-performing ones as per our financial experts, and are recommended to the investors for investing their money.
  • Track Fund: One also gets the option of tracking the performance of the various mutual fund schemes at one place. Using this tool, one can easily take a review of the track record and contemplate which scheme is the right one as per the performance to make investments.
  • Compare Funds: Under this, one can make comparisons between different schemes in order to conclude the market performance of the scheme. It helps one in making a better choice after considering different strategies of a particular type.

Accordingly, you have been provided with the most efficient way of investing online in the mutual funds. With a wide variety of schemes from almost all the top AMCs, you have the option of making the right choice for your portfolio in order to earn accumulated wealth and create a fortune for yourself.

You must download the MySIPonline App now to experience the most convenient way of making the online investment in a user-friendly manner.

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