May 29, 2019 3 min read

Open NFO: ICICI Prudential MNC Fund

Know all about ICICI Prudential MNC Fund NFO.

“I wish I would have invested in this earlier” have you ever had any such thought? In life, we come across several opportunities which at the moment doesn’t seem that huge, but it is after a few years that we realize how good it actually was. One such opportunity that is just a few clicks away from you is the NFO, ICICI Prudential MNC Fund.

NFOs or New Fund Offers are the first time subscriptions offered by the AMCs for a particular time frame. These NFOs are offered at a fixed price of Rs. 10 and can be chosen by investors based on their interest. Further, we will discuss an active New Fund Offer from ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, using which you can make an informed decision.

Basic Fund Details

Basic Details
Issue Open Date 28-May-19
Issue Close Date 11-Jun-19
Category Equity: Thematic MNC
Benchmark NIFTY MNC TRI Index
Minimum Application Amount Rs. 5000
Fund Managers Mr. Anish Tawakley & Mr. Lalit Kumar
Exit Load 1% for redemption within 365 days

ICICI Prudential MNC Fund is a thematic MNC fund which follows the objective of providing long-term capital appreciation by investing in the stocks of MNCs (Multi-National Companies), which are companies with a presence across the globe. The scheme has the flexibility to select Indian listed companies and also foreign companies that are not listed in India.

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Why Choose ICICI Prudential MNC Fund?

India is one of the fastest growing companies and is expected to stay in the same position in the coming years as well. Now, MNCs being established players will surely benefit from this growth and will provide a high growth to investors. In addition to this, MNCs with years of experience have the capability to handle different market conditions and also have exceptional management.

ICICI Prudential MNC Fund is a great choice to experience the growth from these companies with reduced risk. The scheme will help you in enjoying a good growth with lower risk by investing in a diversified portfolio of Multi-National Companies.

Who Should Invest in ICICI Prudential MNC Fund?

Investors who want to invest in a high quality diversified portfolio created from a bottom-up approach of stock selection and wants to follow a market cap and sector agnostic approach can invest in this scheme. Now, you have to remember that being a Thematic scheme ICICI Pru MNC Fund holds a high risk and during volatile market conditions ups and downs can be observed in the returns. So, before investing make sure that you have the ability to handle market-based fluctuations and don’t get easily panicked from the ups and downs.

The NFO is open for subscription, so if you want to invest make sure you do it before 11th June 2019. Also, in the future, if you want to see the active as well as upcoming NFOs, you can visit the NFO section. In case you have any kind of query about investing in this scheme, feel free to connect with the experts at 9660032889.

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