Jan 01, 1970 3 min read

Reasons That Make MySIPonline the Best Online Investment Destination

Want to invest online? Choose MySIPonline to get an amazing experience of mutual investing!
MySIPonline has become synonymous with the two major methods of investing in mutual funds, namely Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and Lumpsum. As an investment planning site, we lay our focus on regularising the investments of clients through SIP. There is an huge team of finance experts which is working day in and day out for bringing up the most competent schemes that would deliver amazing returns over the period of time.

Apart from that, there are several reasons which make us the most sought-after online investment service providers. Go through the points below to take a sneak peek:

  1. Investment in the best recommended funds : Everyone needs to save money under the four main categories which include the daily expenses, short-term investments (i.e., the travel or regular purchases), long-term goals (i.e., retirement or children’s education) and growing wealth by saving on the income taxes at some time or other. And for all this, you would need to manage different funds that would cater to your varied requirements. Through MySIPonline, you would be able to make an exclusive selection among the mutual funds and keep a track record of their consistent performance.
  2. Secure money transferRight after you invest with MySIPonline, your savings would directly go into mutual funds under your name. We would make sure to keep a close watch on your money and provide you with the best investment tips that would help to increase your invested amount. Furthermore, when you invest, your money goes directly from your bank account to the respective mutual funds, and directly back to your account when you happen to withdraw it.
  3. No additional fees or charges  : For us, every penny counts and for that we always try to make sure that you get more than what you have invested. Also, there would be no additional deductions in the charges or any extra fee that needs to be submitted during the account activation.
  4. Freedom to redeem your money whenever you want : The best thing about investing with us is that you can withdraw your invested money any time you wish to do so. Although we do recommend you to hold on your investments for a specific duration so as to garner the benefits in the near future, but there is no restriction on the lock-in period. However, when it comes to Tax saving (ELSS) funds, you would need to keep yourself invested in for a 3-year lock-in period as per the norms.
  5. Guaranteed confidentiality : Due to the investment policies, it becomes imperative for you to give us sensitive information, i.e., the details of your PAN Card & Aadhaar Card, email ID, etc. For this, we ensure that the data is transferred in the encrypted form which makes it difficult for any third party to intervene in your personal details. Also, there would be no exchange of your private information with any outside source.
  6. Managing investments through mobile application : Our Mobile App is available for iOS and Android devices. You can now have access to your account wherever and whenever you want to without any hassle.

Over time, MySIPonline has achieved tremendous growth and is working towards building up the investment platform to a bigger and better level. Registered with AMFI, our long-term goal is to provide the investors with exclusive solutions and schemes regarding investments which would benefit them in the long run. Invest with us today and see your hard-earned money growing!

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