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Reliance Gold Savings Fund: Best Way to Invest in Gold, this Dhanteras

Read this blog to know why investment in Reliance Gold Savings Fund is a better choice than purchasing physical gold.

Gold Investment Plan in mutual fund is an investment facility for investors to accumulate money for purchasing gold. These plans help an investor to save money same as that they would have in the form of gold. Reliance Gold Savings Fund is one of such plans that have been brought for investors to help them enjoy gold holding in digital form. Let’s know some more about the same in the coming points.

What Is Reliance Gold Savings Fund?

Reliance Gold Savings Fund by Reliance Mutual Fund is an open-ended Fund of Fund(FoF) scheme which was launched on March 07th, 2011. The investment objective of this scheme is to provide investors with an opportunity to earn returns that are approximately corresponding to the returns generated by Reliance ETF Gold BeES. The fund’s investment philosophy is to track its returns and invest in the same. The net asset value as on November 01st, 2018 is Rs. 13.4511 which has increased by 0.21%.

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Why Should You Invest in Reliance Gold Savings Fund G?

There are a number of reasons as to why one should invest in this scheme, they are listed in the below points:

  • This scheme is backed by Reliance Mutual Fund which is a renowned company and holds the trust of millions of people as a result of its efficient and effective functioning. The investment strategies and the way its schemes have been performing is a good reason in itself for any investor to invest in this fund.
  • You may add it to your portfolio to earn long-term capital appreciation on your savings which might be lying idle otherwise. This will help you earn the time value of your money rather than facing depreciation over time.
  • This scheme lets you invest indirectly in Reliance ETF Gold BeES.
  • You may start your investment in this scheme with an initial investment amount of as low as Rs. 100 whether you are a first time investor or an existing investor.
  • This is an open-ended scheme which means that you can buy or sell the units anytime you want, directly to the fund house itself, rather than wasting time searching the right candidate interested in purchasing or selling the units.
  • There is no entry load that you need to incur and no exit load that you need to pay if you redeem the units after completion of one year from the date of allotment.

How Is it Better Than Physical Gold Investment?

Wondering why should you invest in digital gold when you can buy physical gold directly? Here are the top reasons that will guide you regarding the benefits of the former.

  • Convenient Buying - You can invest in digital gold through our online investment platform, MySIPonline. This will help you save time and money that you would have otherwise needed in commuting to a number of jewelers before finally purchasing the same of your choice.
  • Assured Safety - How do you safeguard your physical gold? You keep it hidden at home or in a bank locker, still holding chances of it getting stolen. Isn’t it? In case of digital gold, you can be assured of its safety at all times.
  • Guaranteed Purity - You can be confident of the purity of gold which is 24 karat with 99.5% declaration of being pure in digital gold. In case of physical gold, you have to search regarding the seller and the authenticity of purity certificate.
  • All Time Liquidity - You are free to buy or sell the units on all business days directly to the asset management company in case of digital gold while in case of physical gold, you have to search for the right dealer.

Who Should Invest in Reliance Gold Savings Fund Growth?

  • This scheme is for aggressive investors who are ready to bear high risk on the principal amount invested.
  • Investors who are looking for a scheme by Reliance MF for their portfolio that invests in Reliance ETF Gold BeES may invest in it.
  • This fund is apt for investors who are willing to earn long-term capital appreciation on the money invested.

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The End Note

Physical gold purchasing is an outdated method of investing in this commodity as it involves a lot of efforts and risk at ones end. Therefore, it is recommended that this Dhanteras rejoice by purchasing digital gold for yourself and your family members and live a tension free and secure life. You may invest in Reliance Gold Savings Fund via our platform and in case you have any query related to the regular funds, you may post the same here. Have a Happy and Safe Five Days of Festivity!

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