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Take a Route to a Planned Investment with SIP Calculator

If you desire to become an expert in SIP planning, then we have the best solution for you. Read this blog to know the usage of SIP Calculator for better investment planning.
Are you still looking for an investment planner to help you in investing? Haven’t you tried the featured SIP calculator yet? If yes, then you are missing out on an amazing tool.

Planning an investment requires a lot of research and different solutions to ensure yielding of higher returns. Everyone wants to make an apt plan and design an effective portfolio to assure the aspired returns for oneself. We look out for various experts and analysts to take some better advice while deciding a scheme for investing our hard-earned money. But now there is no such need at all. The SIP Calculator is featured with the best attributes to assist one while choosing the top strategies for one’s portfolio.

The SIP calculator is formulated after considering all the parameters which have an effect on the value of an investment. Whether it be the Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Inflation Rate, or any other related parameter. This assures that the result generated with the SIP return calculator is accurate and firm. Hence, one can use this solution to compute the future value of one’s investments prior to investing. This would assist one in opting for the plan which offers maximum returns in the same time horizon after taking due care of the various other requisites.

MySIPonline has designed an even more better SIP Calculator which not only computes the exact amount of the investment value at a later date but also designs a complete graph showing growth of the invested amount. This newly generated page has been formulated to help investors in making an informed decision after visualising their growth and capital appreciation. It is featured with all the essentials assuring that the value generated shall be accurate.

The SIP Calculator is a guide for making a qualitative portfolio with schemes that yield higher returns. It asks for some general values using which it computes an accurate amount of investment values. You will be required to fill the three fields mentioned there which are related to:

  • Amount of Investment: In this, you will be asked to fill in the amount of investment that you can pay on a regular basis for your SIP investment. This is actually the sum of money you can save for creating a fortunate life ahead to fulfil your dreams.
  • Time Horizon: Here you shall be required to fill in the number of years for which you make investments in SIP. This is the period which shall help your money to grow higher. And it has been suggested that longer the period, higher shall be the worth of investment.
  • Expected Rate: There are different rates of investments in the mutual funds at which the returns are generated. You will have to provide the rate that you expect from your investment to yield. Generally, it is recommended that an average rate of 15% should be considered.

Using these three values, this mutual fund returns calculator shall generate the exact amount of your investment after the provided time period. Furthermore, there are various other features which shall further assist you in making a well-informed investment.

After you fill in the required fields, the amount generated shall be shown in the form of a pie chart and graph as well. Where pie-chart shows the break up of future investment value in two colour shades, the graph shall determine the complete growth at the expected rate of return. This would further help you in depicting a clearer image of your growing money. Accordingly, you would be in a better position to take the best decision for your future by making a worthwhile investment.

MySIPonline has always been indulged in providing the best solutions and services to the investors in order to help them in growing their money. With this SIP calculator, the selection and planning process has become easier and convenient. You must use the same to know how much your money shall grow to create a wealthy future ahead.

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