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Top Five Mutual Funds to Invest in India

Are you searching for the best mutual fund schemes so that you can reap better benefits in terms of returns?
Are you searching for a scheme which can give you extraordinary returns on your investments so that you can accumulate wealth for your future requirements? Well, we can help you out on this! Know the five best mutual fund schemes that have showcased fantastic performance in the past few years and are targeted by the experts as they may tend to perform similarly in the future too. So, get yourself ready to experience the high tides of equity, and gain profits on your investments.

We are propounding the top five mutual fund schemes which may provide extravagant returns in the long term. All the schemes mentioned below are recommended by the experts of MySIPonline.

List of Top Ranking Mutual Fund Schemes in India:

  1. Reliance Small Cap Fund (G): This scheme of Reliance Mutual Fund has showcased excellent performance in recent past and has recorded remarks in terms of its trailing one-year return which is 53.65% as on November 27, 2017. Being a scheme of small-cap category, it has an aggressive nature toward high capital appreciation. Thus, it travels in a little shaky way. However, it has managed to provide fantastic returns to the investors since its inception. Let’s check some of the investment details of the scheme:  
    Investment Details as on November 27, 2017: 

  2. L&T Emerging Businesses (G): This scheme of L&T Mutual Fund has provided return of 32.71% on investment since its launch. The recent performance of this scheme is also appreciable as it has recorded its trailing one-year return at 55.95% as on November 27, 2017. Have you invested in this scheme? If not, then don’t let the opportunity move out of your hand. You may also reap the benefits of earning extravagant returns on your investments. Here are some of the investment details of the scheme:  
    Investment Details as on November 27, 2017:

  3. Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (G): It is one of the best performing schemes under the category of small & mid-cap companies, and currently floating on the 2nd rank by CRISIL for the quarter ended September 2017. It provided adequate returns to the investors in the long-term period. It has managed to revert with an excellent return of 30.50% on investment to the investors who stayed invested for the last five years as on November 27, 2017. Let’s check some of the investment details of the scheme so that you can decide to invest in it:      
    Investment Details as on November 27, 2017: 

  4. SBI Magnum Midcap Fund (G): If you want to reap higher returns on your investment while maintaining a low risky portfolio, then this scheme can fulfil your requirements. It is an equity-oriented mid-cap category scheme of SBI Mutual Fund that has provided significant returns to the investors in a significant period of time. It has recorded the return since launch at 18.11%. Moreover, the trailing one, three and five-year returns of this scheme as on November 27, 2017, are tracked at 23.89%, 17.15%, and 26.37% respectively. Let’s know about the other investment details of this scheme:  
    Investment Details as on November 27, 2017:

  5. DSP BlackRock Opportunities Fund (G): It is one of the best performing schemes of DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund. By showcasing amazing growth performance, this scheme has managed to be one among the experts recommended mutual funds. If you are willing to reap the benefits of equity investments while traveling safely on a risky path, then this scheme is one of the best options for you. The expert fund manager, Rohit Singhania (since 2015), of this scheme, is proficient in managing the fund in different types of market scenario, and thus the scheme is able to provide healthy returns to the investors.  
    Investment Details as on November 27, 2017:

The five mutual fund schemes as mentioned above are experts recommended funds. They have proven their potential by providing significant returns to the long-term investors. If you are an investor who wants to fetch high returns on investment by investing the capital in the equities, then these schemes can be considered.

For more details on any of the mutual fund schemes, you can check out our mutual fund page. We, at MySIPonline, are always ready to make your investment journey a simplified and effortless process.

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