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Top-Three Equity Mutual Funds for High-Return Chasers

Want to achieve bigger returns? Here are the top three schemes.
Often, investors are in the rush of finding the top funds to add to their portfolio. Many of them believe that top performing funds never go down the line in terms of generating returns. But, this is not the reality. Let’s tell you the actual scenario that why should you choose a top performing fund.

The returns generated by the mutual funds depend on the performance of the stocks or securities in which they invest. If any fund has the potential to strive excellence in the various market condition then it may generate higher returns too. Furthermore, there are other factors too which affects the overall potential of the scheme, like, fund manager’s expertise, market swings, economic condition, etc. The most widely affecting factor is the market. Therefore, a fall in the market will pull down the value of your portfolio, whereas growing market condition will allow incremental returns on the equities. The top performing mutual funds’ list is prepared on the basis of their overall or the long-term historical run. The funds are analysed typically on their historical results to be listed in the top list. Top funds list gives you an idea about their potential to perform in different market situations. Therefore, they do not ever assure the future returns. You may ask this question that, when the top-performed plans don’t assure the future returns then why should you choose them. Let’s read ahead for the answer:

Why Should you Choose the top listed Mutual Funds?

However, they do not assure the future returns, but they have proved their potential by performing amazingly in the various market situations. And it is the major reason for adding them to the investment portfolio because it shows the fund’s capability to strive through various situations. Furthermore, there are several other benefits of adding them to the portfolio which allow you to earn more returns on your investment. Here are the top three schemes which have excellently proven their strength by showcasing high capital appreciation in the past:

  1. Kotak Select Focus Fund (G) : It is an open-ended equity scheme which dominantly invests the money in the stocks of large-cap companies. It has consistently beaten its benchmark, i.e., Nifty 200, and peers in all the seven years since its launch. Being a consistent performer since launch, it has managed to head with small fluctuations which helped not to fall deeper in the bad phases. The total assets under management of this scheme are amounting to Rs. 13,492 crore as on August 31, 2017. And the NAV has been tracked at Rs. 32.417 as on September 15, 2017. The fund is being managed by Harsha Upadhyaya since August 2012 who is an experienced personnel and managing other three schemes of Kotak. He has always laid efforts in making the right movements at the right time to earn maximum growth.
  2. Birla SunLife Advantage Fund(G) : Being an equity-oriented scheme it prominently invests in the stocks out of which almost 72.23% is allocated into the giant and large-cap ones. It aggressively targets toward higher capital appreciation in the long-term period. Although it was not a consistent performer all the time, for the clever one, it has generated flawless returns in the long run. Currently, the NAV of this fund has been tracked at Rs. 437.93 as on September 15, 2017. This fund has showcased many ups and downs to the investors, but at last for the investor who stayed invested for the long tenure, it also provided high capital growth.
  3. ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Fund : This fund is aimed at earning long-term growth on the investments, so it invests majorly in the equities of various compatible companies. It has showcased consistent performance many times which safeguarded from the high falls unlike the steep decline in the peers. The fund can generate high returns on your investments too if you stay invested for the long term because it grows excellently during the long investment horizon. Its total assets under management amounted to Rs. 14,337 crore as on August 31, 2017.

So, if you want to get the exposure of the exceptional returns on your investments then do not miss the chance to invest in the schemes mentioned above. You may choose to invest in any of them as per the suitability of your investment profile. Furthermore, if you are already an investor of any of these schemes, you may grab significant returns in the long-term period. To find more plans which may suit to your investment details, visit our mutual fund page at MySIPonline and select the best one.

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