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Which Sector Funds are Best to Invest in 2016?

This blog shall help you decide which sectors are one of the best ones to invest in 2016. Also, we have recommended plans for some sectors which can help you make your investment fruitful. Read this blog to know more about the same.
Many of us believe that investment should be made at the beginning of the years only on the basis of past years’ performance evaluation. But this is certainly not true. Just like we don’t have a specific time for shopping, the same way, we don’t have any specific period of investing. We just need to keep a close eye on the market and invest the money the moment we realise is the right time.

The year 2016 is on the verge of ending; we have helped many investors until now in taking a wise investment decision. Now is the time for the ones who still could not find a suitable match for their investment needs. Mutual funds have a variety of solutions to cater the needs of a large section of investors. Among them falls the funds which make an investment in some specific sectors to gain benefits from there.

As we know that, investments must be made with due care to capitulate the maximum benefits. The sector funds focus on making an investment in such industrial sectors which could yield highest profits for the investors. There are different industries which are indulged in varied activities with a view to provide amenities to the people. Among them, one needs to think which one is the best suited to one’s requirement and can yield maximum profits. In the year 2016, it has been believed by many experts that the following industrial divisions shall be proved fruitful to the investors in coming years.

  1. Banking & Finance: This is one of the fastest growing industries in the country due to the rising demand of finance and banks. With an increase in the economic activities, the need for financial sectors and banks to manage the economy has been increased. Hence, it is believed that investors can put their money in this sector and earn tremendous returns in the coming years. We recommend the ICICI Prudential Banking and Financial Services Fund and SBI Banking Fund for making an investment in this sector. This plan has a well-maintained portfolio and incapacitates the efficacy of yielding highest returns to the investors.
  2. Infrastructure: Indian economy is focussed on enhancing the infrastructure facilities in pursuance of connecting the entire population. Furthermore, with the growing population, the demand for infrastructure has also been increased which ensures that this industry shall flourish in the future and offer higher returns to the investors. As per our experts, Franklin Build India Fund is one of the best-performing strategies of this sector. It is managed by the fund managers of the renowned Franklin Templeton MF and hence ensures high growth potential.
  3. Pharmaceuticals: The birth rate of the country is increasing which is causing an increase in the level of population. In addition, with the changing environment, there are chances of increasing certain diseases and thus, in the demand for medicines and other healthcare services. Thus, investors can put their money in the pharma funds as well in order to grow their money into wealth. SBI Pharma Fund is one of the top-performing schemes in this sector as recommended by our experts. You can opt for the same to flourish your investments and build a filthy rich future.
  4. Automobile & Transportation: With the growing demand for vehicles, the automobile industry is at the rapid speed of reaching the great height. In addition, the transportation services are also among the most wanted services needed by individuals across the country. Accordingly, this industry also encompasses the probability of increasing the worth of investors’ money. One can opt for this sector and grow wealth. The UTI Transportation and Logistics Fund is among the best mutual funds in this sector. We recommend the same to you in order to help your money grow higher as this plan is designed in an apt manner for yielding the desired growth.
  5. Thematic: Among the various divisions, thematic funds hold the investments in some particular theme and invest in the stocks of those entities which are indulged in such activities. Basically, they are having the potential of growing money due to the involvement of major projects initiated by government and therefore ensure that the sector shall make proper use of the money being invested. The investors can take the benefit of these plans and attain growth in the capital with the growing economy.

You can opt for any one sector from the above-mentioned best ones and make a worthwhile investment for your future. We, at MySIPonline, are always ready to help you out in the best possible manner in making your future worth living.

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