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Why Invest in Liquid Funds Through Smart Savings Account of MySIPonline?

Grab excellent benefits of investing in liquid funds through Smart Savings Account.
Do you still watch movies on VCDs? Of course not, because today you believe in keeping up with the pace of technological changes.. You can watch any movie on your smart TV, laptop, or even on your smartphone. So, buying a bulky VCD and playing it on the VCR don’t seem to be an optimal choice.

If you are compatible and modern enough that you have everything as per the technology, then why should you lag behind when it comes to savings in liquid funds. We, at MySIPonline, offer you a fully featured Smart Savings Account which allows you to invest in a plethora of liquid mutual funds and gain various unique benefits. When you invest in our Smart Savings Account, you can avail the following benefits:

  1. Higher Returns : Through this account, you get to invest in various liquid funds of the top AMCs in India. So, you can choose the most suitable and rewarding one as per your requirements. Liquid funds are known to be a superior choice than the bank account savings because they provide higher returns than the latter one. Our Smart Savings Account helps you to reap returns of up to 7% on your investments which is higher than that of the 4% rate of bank accounts.
  2. Add Family Members : You can also add the investment of your family members in a single account. This is a unique feature provided on our portal which is appreciated by many of our happy investors. It is simple and easy to add multiple people in one investment account.
  3. Free for Life Account : We do not charge any fee from our clients in any case, either it is registration or transactions. You get a free for life account when you choose our services for investing in mutual funds.
  4. Instant Redemption Facility : We provide our clients instant redemption facility so that they can pull out their money from their respective account at any point in time they require. The redemption process just takes 30 minutes. It means you can withdraw your money anytime within the 30 minutes of the request made.
  5. Zero Balance Requirement : You also get a zero balance requirement facility here. It means, you need not maintain any certain amount in your smart savings account.

Not only the features as mentioned above, but you also avail the benefits of investing in liquid funds when you invest through our Smart Savings Account. Let’s know the various advantages of liquid mutual funds which help you to chase short-term investment financial goals:

  • Emergency Funds : Liquid funds are the best instrument which can help you to maintain emergency funds for any uncertain financial requirement. The core feature of these funds, i.e., the liquidity, helps you to redeem your investment at any point in time. So, you can effectively handle any uncertain requirement in the future when you have investments in liquid funds.
  • Short-Term Goal Achievement : You can systematically achieve your short-term financial goals by investing in the most suitable liquid funds. The financial requirements which are likely to occur in the duration of around 1-3 years can be efficiently fulfilled by investing in various liquid schemes.
  • Higher Returns : Liquid funds provide better returns than the savings bank account. When you invest your hard-earned money in liquid funds, it gets deployed into various securities such as government papers, corporate bonds, CDs, securities, money market instruments, etc., which offer superior returns than that of bank account.
  • Safety Feature : Liquid funds are also known for the safety they provide to the investors, unlike equity funds. Mostly, the former invest in the securities and money market instruments which reaps benefits and have fewer chances of failure. Contrary, equity funds are suitable for the aggressive investors as they ride the market volatility to reap exclusive benefits.

Don’t you think it’s time to get an amazing opportunity of getting benefits from both the liquid funds and our smart savings account in one move by starting today? So, don’t miss the chance to avail them. We, the team of MySIPonline, is always ready to help you out.

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