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Top Liquid Funds to Consider Before Investing

We often get confused while opting for the investment scheme. Here is the list of top-performing funds that would help you attain your desired short-term investment objectives.
Do you have a short-term investment goal? Do you wish to put money for a short span and earn a good income? If yes, then opt for the best debt funds that would fulfil your desire of fetching good returns in a short duration.

Investments play a crucial role in one’s life as they capacitate the proficiency of building a fortune. Everyone has a different purpose for making an investment and thus opt for the one that suits his/her requirements. If you desire to attain easy cash convertibility and want to earn quick income, then the liquid mutual funds India are the best choice for you. Hereunder is the list of ‘five highly recommended liquid funds’ schemes that would definitely help you achieve your short-term investment goals:

1. Tata Floater Fund (G): This plan is designed by a renowned mutual fund brand from The TATA Group. To cater the short-term needs of investors this scheme has been formulated which aims to generate stable returns with a low interest rate risk strategy. This is assured by creating a portfolio that is predominantly invested in good quality floating rate debt instruments, money market instruments and fixed rate debt instruments. It is growth oriented scheme which enables an investor to create wealth for the future. Not only this, by offering zero lock-in, it provides flexibility as well.

2. Kotak Treasury Advantage Fund (G): It is a scheme that falls under the ultra short-term funds category. It has been ranked 3rd by CRISIL in this category for the quarter ended June 2016, and thus proves to be an efficient one. Being an open-ended scheme, it provides flexibility to the investors along with the growth option of investing. As this scheme is a product from well-established Kotak Mutual Fund, the investors can put their monies into it without keeping a doubt in minds regarding its management. It has been performing among the best ones from the very beginning and thus is among the most preferred schemes in the mutual fund market.

3. Reliance Money Manager Fund (G): It is a plan which is formulated by the Reliance Mutual Fund and is aimed to generate optimal returns consistently with moderate levels of risk and liquidity. It falls under the ultra short-term funds and thus majorly invests in the debt securities and money market instruments. It has been offering high-yielding returns to the investors from its inceptions and has maintained a stable position in the investment market.

4. ICICI Prudential Savings Fund (G): This scheme is ranked 4th under the ultra short-term category of mutual funds by CRISIL for quarter ended June 2016. This shows that it has the proficiency to provide aspiring returns to the investors. It aims to offer growth opportunities to the investors in a short span of time. Being an open-ended scheme it also provides flexibility to the investors and thus cater the desirous needs.

5. Birla Sun Life Cash Manager (G): It is a product from a renowned mutual fund house the Birla SunLife mutual fund. As per the performance of this scheme it would not be wrong to say that this scheme is among the best ones in the ultra short-term funds. It holds 4th position in this category by CRISIL for the quarter ended June 2016. It is aimed to offer consistent income to the investors by investing in debt and money market instruments.

The above-mentioned liquid funds shall definitely provide you with aspiring returns and offer worth to your investment portfolio.

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